Humble Comic Bundle: The Bpys Versus Project Superpowers


Humble Comic Bundle: The Boys Versus Project Superpowersが始まりました。


・The Boys Vol. 1: The Name of the Game
・The Black Terror Vol. 1
・The Boys Vol. 2: Get Some
・Project Superpowers Vol. 1
・Project Superpowers X-Mas Carol


・Project Superpowers Chapter 2 Vol. 2
・The Boys Vol. 3: Good for the Soul
・The Boys Vol. 4: We Gotta Go Now
・The Boys Vol. 5: Herogasm
・The Boys Vol. 6: The Self-Preservation Society
・The Boys Vol. 7: The Innocents
・The Black Terror Vol. 2
・The Owl


・The Boys: Dear Becky #1-#6
・The Boys Vol. 8: Highland Laddie
・The Boys Vol. 9: Big Ride
・The Boys Vol. 10: Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker
・The Boys Vol. 11: Over the Hill with Swords of A Thousand Men
・The Boys Vol. 12: The Bloody Doors Off
・Project Superpowers Chapter 2 Vol.1

The BoysもProject Superpowers