Humble Software Bundle: Unreal Engine Spring Utility Essentials


Humble Software Bundle: Unreal Engine Spring Utility Essentialsが始まりました。


Flag Generator
Cardboard Props Vol1
Echoes of Adventure: Vol 1
Audio Odyssey: Vol. 1
Ambient Systems – Loop Set: Vol. 1
FPS Automatic Gun Animations
Weapon And Shield Animations
Hologram Shader
Developer Tools
Fences VOL.2 – Farm and Town Modular (Nanite and Low Poly)
Foliage VOL.9 – Coyote Bushes (Nanite and Low Poly)
Buildings VOL.5 – Doors (Nanite and Low Poly)
Toolset Collection – Vol 1.
Desert Embankments – Photoscan Vol 4.
Warrior – Viking Male Set


Book Generator
56 Animations For Creatures
Blutility Production Tools – Material Functions
Termite Mounds – Vol 1
Modular Suburban Metal Fence
First Person Base Arms Vol. 1 – Skinny Male
Dry Animal Bones – Photoscan Vol 2.
Animal Dung/Feces – Horse and Cow – Photoscan Vol 3.


Realtime Designer: Lighting Kit
Ultra Volumetrics
Survival NPC – Sarah “Sal” Jacobs
ia scatter
Critters VOL.2 – Crows & Seagulls (Nanite and Low Poly w/Particle)
FPS Automatic Rifle 01 Animations
Intelligent Traffic System
Buildings VOL.8 – Commercial Doors (Nanite & Low Poly)
Leclerc AMX56 – Advanced Tank Blueprint
Barnyard Megapack (Barn, Barn Props, Farm Environment)
Stylized Domes Shader
Foliage VOL.6 – Broom Bushes (Nanite and Low Poly)
Foliage VOL.11 – Bushes (Nanite and Low Poly)
Foliage VOL.8 – Dead Trees (Nanite and Low Poly)
Procedural Oak Forest (Winter Forest, Spring Forest, Autumn Forest)

Mobility Basic – MoCap Pack
Boxing – MoCap Pack
Rifle Basic – MoCap Pack
Pistol Starter – MoCap Pack
Foliage Pack
Echoes of Adventure: Set 2
Audio Odyssey: Vol. 2
Ambient Systems – Loop Set: Vol. 2
Ambient Systems – Loop Set: Vol. 3
FPS Pistol And Knife Animations
Stylised Barrier Shader
Foliage VOL.10 – Yard Plants (Nanite and Low Poly)
Foliage VOL.7 – Ash Trees (Nanite and Low Poly)
Russian T-55A Battle Tank – Advanced Tank Blueprint
Two Pack – Blacksmith & Knight – Male Humans – Fantasy Collection



Unreal Engineでのゲーム制作に役立つアセットやツール詰め合わせ。