GamesPlanetでWeekly Deals


今週もGamesPlanetにてWeekly Dealsが始まりました。


・Disciples: Liberation——$22.99
・Disciples: Liberation – Digital Deluxe Edition——$28.99
・Disciples: Liberation – Paths to Madness——$11.00
・Disciples III: Resurrection——$4.99
・Disciples III Renaissance——$4.99
・Disciples III Gold——$9.50


・Elven Legacy——$0.99
・Elven Legacy: Magic——$0.40
・Elven Legacy: Siege——$0.40
・Elven Legacy: Ranger——$0.40
・Elven Legacy Collection——$1.50


・Ancestors Legacy Game + Artbook + Soundtrack——$7.80
・Ancestors Legacy – Saladin’s Conquest——$2.09
・Ancestors Legacy – Complete Edition——$7.99


・Eternity: The Last Unicorn——$3.75
・Vikings – Wolves of Midgard——$8.50
・Rise of Venice – Gold Edition——$6.99
・The Dark Eye – Demonicon——$3.99
・The First Templar – Steam Special Edition——$3.90


・Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark——$6.90
・Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Missions and Monsters——$2.99


・Giana Sisters 2D——$1.60
・Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams——$2.75
・Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord——$0.99


・Horror Story: Hallowseed——$11.99
・Fantasy Wars——$0.99


・Townsmen VR——$29.99
・Townsmen – A Kingdom Rebuilt: The Seaside Empire——$5.99


・Star Wolves 2——$0.80
・Star Wolves 3: Civil War——$0.99


・Spacebase Startopia Extended Edition——$21.99
・Off-Road Drive——$0.99
・Ski Jumping Pro VR——$9.50


・Skydrift Infinity——$7.99
・SkyDrift: Extreme Fighters Premium Airplane Pack——$0.30
・SkyDrift: Gladiator Multiplayer Pack——$0.30


・Sudden Strike 4 – Road to Dunkirk——$3.99
・Sudden Strike 4 – Finland: Winter Storm——$3.99
・Sudden Strike 4 – Africa: Desert War——$3.99
・Sudden Strike 4 – The Pacific War——$7.50 (*日本では×
・Sudden Strike 4: Complete Collection——$18.99 (*日本では×


・Men Of War: Assault Squad 2——$5.40
・Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Ostfront Veteranen——$2.50
・Assault Squad 2: Men of War Origins——$1.99
・Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Gold Edition——$7.22
・Men of War: Assault Squad 2 War Chest Edition——$8.79
・Men of War: Assault Squad 2 – Cold War——$4.53


・Men of War: Condemned Heroes——$1.60
・Men Of War – Vietnam——$1.60
・Men of War: Red Tide——$0.99
・Men of War——$0.99
・Men of War: Assault Squad——$1.90
・Men of War: Assault Squad Game of the Year Edition——$2.75
・Men of War: Collector’s Pack——$6.29


Disciples: Liberationはやや好評賛否両論