GamesPlanetでWeekly Deals


GamesPlanetにてWeekly Dealsが始まりました。

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・Desperados – Wanted Dead Or Alive——$1.25
・Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge——$2.20
・Desperados III – Deluxe Edition——$9.99


・Godlike Burger——$4.99
・Godlike Burger – Supporter Pack——$1.99


・Alan Wake——$6.30
・Alan Wake Collector’s Edition——$8.32
・Alan Wake’s American Nightmare——$3.89


・Full Spectrum Warrior——$2.50
・Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers——$2.20
・Rush for Berlin: Gold Edition——$2.20
・RUSH: A Disney – PIXAR Adventure——$10.70
・Ion Assault——$2.20


・SuperPower 2——$2.20
・SuperPower 3——$15.99


・Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy——$3.20
・Super Dungeon Bros——$4.25
・Super Lucky’s Tale——$10.70


・The Raven Remastered——$4.25
・The Raven Remastered Deluxe——$5.25
・This Is the President——$4.20
・Way of the Hunter: Elite Edition——$21.99
・Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection——$10.70


・The Guild 1 Gold——$2.20
・The Guild 2——$2.20
・The Guild 2 Platinum Edition——$4.24
・The Guild 2 Gold——$3.20
・The Guild 2 Expansion Pack – Pirates of the European Seas——$2.20
・The Guild 2: Renaissance——$2.20


・Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth——$1.75
・State of Mind——$1.75
・The Last Tinker: City of Colors——$1.75
・The Suicide of Rachel Foster——$1.59
・The Whispered World Special Edition——$1.75
・Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal——$0.80


・Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition——$2.50
・Decay – The Mare——$0.89


・BAJA: Edge of Control HD——$6.25
・Battle Worlds: Kronos——$4.25
・Battle Chasers: Nightwar——$6.25
・Broken Age——$6.30
・Chronos: Before the Ashes——$6.25


・Codename: Panzers – Cold War——$3.20
・Codename: Panzers – Phase One——$3.20
・Codename: Panzers – Phase Two——$3.20
・Codename: Panzers Bundle——$4.99


・A New Beginning——$0.89
・AER – Memories of Old——$1.30
・Anna’s Quest——$1.75


・DCL – The Game——$6.25
・de Blob——$4.25
・de Blob 2——$4.25
・Disneyland Adventures——$10.70
・Dungeon Lords Steam Edition——$3.20
・Frontlines: Fuel of War——$4.40


・Insurmountable – Supporter Pack——$4.25
・Journey of a Roach——$0.70
・ArcaniA – Gothic 4——$4.25
・Arcania – Fall of Setarrif——$3.20