Humble Software Bundle: The Ultimate Game Development


Humble Software Bundle: The Ultimate Game Developmentが始まりました。


Cyberpunk / Futuristic Structures Set ( 21 Assets ) (Unreal Engine)
CyberPunk / Sci-Fi Bar Asset Pack (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Viking Hut (Unity)
Playground Equipment VOL.3 (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Mediterranean Courtyard (Unreal Engine)
Object Distribution Tool (Unreal Engine Tool Plugin)
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CyberPunk Laboratory / Research Center Interior Kitbash (Unreal Engine)
Medieval Castle Interior (Unreal Engine)
Victorian Interior Environment (Unreal Engine)
Abandoned Swimming Pool Environment (Unreal Engine)
Retropunk Saloon Environment (Unreal Engine)
CyberPunk / Sci-Fi Environment Cyberpunk Asset Set (Unreal Engine)
Post Apocalyptic Desert Environment ( Abandoned / Desert ) (Unreal Engine)
Garage Warehouse Environment (Unreal Engine)
Stable Environment (Unreal Engine)
Fantasy Interior Environment (Unreal Engine)
Modular School / Classroom with Hallway (Unreal Engine)
Medieval / Viking Weapons and Shields Set (18 Pieces) (Unity)

Steampunk/Vintage Interior (Unity)
Vintage Bar Interior Environment (Unity)
500+ Fantasy Icons (Unity)
Vintage Room (Unreal Engine)
Driveable / Animated Retro Cyberpunk Hover Car 02 (Unreal Engine)
Post Apocalyptic Melee Weapons VOL.2 (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Indian City (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Ancient Temple (Unreal Engine)
Material Assignment Tool (Unreal Engine Tool Plugin)
SFX 3 Police Station (SFX)
Time-lapse Tutorial Vintage Interior UE project (Tutorial)


Steampunk – Victorian Environment Megapack (Unreal Engine)
The Rally Point Environment ( Sci-Fi / Futuristic / Modular ) (Unity)
Ultimate Level Art Tool ( Tools / Plugin) (Unreal Engine)
Modeling Tutorial (Maya+Zbrush)
Dark Medieval Environment Megapack (Unreal Engine)
Asian Canal Environment (Unreal Engine)
Florence Cathedral Pack (Unreal Engine)
Nova Space Burgers / Cyberpunk Abandoned Restaurant / Bar (Unreal Engine)
Modern Office Environment (Unreal Engine)
Bank Building / Interior (Modular Bank) (Unreal Engine)


Leartes Office Environment (Unreal Engine)
The Blue Metro 2029 ( Post Apocalyptic Metro / Subway Environment ) (Unity)
Abandoned / Post-Apocalyptic Hospital Environment (Unity)
Roman Temple Ruins (Unity)
Cyberpunk Night Club Environment (Unity)
Subway Station Environment (Unity)
Stylized Tuscany Seaside City (Unity)
Stylized Wizard Room (Unity)
Stylized Fantasy Environment (Unity)
Driveable / Animated Construction Truck 02 (Unreal Engine)


SUV 04 Driveable / Animated / Realistic (Unreal Engine)
1950s Characters Bundle (Unreal Engine)
Post Apocalyptic Melee Weapons VOL.1 (Unreal Engine)
FPS 4K Custom Modern Shotguns – VOL.2 (Unreal Engine)
FPS 4K Western Guns – VOL.2 (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Greek Island (Unreal Engine)
Stylized Forest Environment – (Unreal Engine)
SFX 1 Warzone (SFX)
SFX 2 Soulslike (SFX)
VFX 1 Warzone (VFX)
VFX 2 Explosion (VFX)
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