Humble Software Bundle: Royalty Free Music Mania


Humble Software Bundle: Royalty Free Music Maniaが始まりました。


・Music Loops Mini Set
・Music Loops Mini Set 2
・Mystical Game Music Pack
・Cosmos Music Pack
・Triumphant Orchestral Music Pack
・Horror and Thriller Ambient Pack
・Fantasy Adventure Orchestral Loops Pack
・Cinematic Music Mix
・Action Game Music Mix
・Scary Horror Ambience Pack


・Medieval and Adventure Game Music Loops
・Scary and Mystical Music Pack
・Lyric Voices (Choir Music Pack)
・Heavy Riffs – Full Collection
・Space Adventure Music Pack
・Action Game Loops Pack
・Combat Music Pack
・Electronic Industrial Music Pack
・Powerful Rock Music Pack


・Epic Percussion Rhythms and Loops
・Space Ambience Pack
・Lyric Voices 2 – Choir Music Pack
・Retro Action Game Soundtrack
・Short Hard Rock Music Loops
・Dramatic Electronic Music & Ambient
・Danger In Space – Dramatic Space Music Pack
・Dramatic Symphonic Game Music Pack
・Big Casual and Arcade Game Music Bundle


・Fantasy Adventure Game Music Pack
・Epic Battle Trailers Music Pack
・Big Action Music Bundle 1
・Big Action Music Bundle 2
・Big Orchestral Music Bundle
・Big Commercial Music Bundle
・Big Retro Game Music Collection
・Beat’em Up Game Music Pack
・Dramatic Background Music Pack


・Electronic Dramatic Pulsing Action Music Pack
・Fantasy Dramatic & Peaceful Music Pack
・Lyric Fantasy Background Music Pack
・Romantic Pop Music Pack
・Energetic Driving Rock Music Pack
・Short Action Logos and Loops Pack
・Dramatic Retro Game Music Pack
・Epic Cinematic Percussion Loops
・Scary & Mystical Dark Space Ambient


・Dark Medieval Music Pack
・Lyric & Relaxing Background Music Pack
・Action & Dramatic Soundtrack
・Voice of the Forest: Lyric & Magigal Music Pack
・Emotional Strings (String Ensemble Pack)
・Modern Action Rock Music Pack
・Action Combat Orchestral Music Pack
・Action Cinematic Logos and Loops