GamesPlanetのSpring Sale6日目


GamesPlanetにて開催中のSpring Saleも6日目です。


・Destiny 2——22.49GBP
・Destiny 2 – Digital Deluxe Edition——35.99GBP


・Battlefleet Gothic: Armada——8.88GBP
・GOD EATER 2 Rage Burst——9.49GBP
・Railway Empire——25.99GBP


・Project CARS 2——21.99GBP
・Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition——39.99GBP


・Aven Colony——10.99GBP
・Agents of Mayhem——5.79GBP


・Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience——7.49GBP
・Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain——5.45GBP
・Metal Gear Online Expansion Pack “CLOAKED IN SILENCE” ——1.49GBP
・Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes——2.99GBP
・Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance——4.44GBP


・Pro Evolution Soccer 2018——9.99GBP
・Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Barcelona Edition——17.99GBP


・FOR HONOR Deluxe Edition——16.99GBP
・FOR HONOR Season Pass——9.99GBP
・FOR HONOR Gold Edition——24.99GBP


・Wargame European Escalation——1.89GBP
・Wargame Airland Battle——3.69GBP
・Wargame: Red Dragon——8.99GBP


・Batman: Arkham Knight——4.99GBP
・Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition——6.99GBP
・Batman Arkham Origins——3.49GBP
・Batman Arkham City GOTY——3.49GBP
・Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY Edition——3.49GBP
・Batman: Arkham VR——6.99GBP


・Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons——1.99GBP
・State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition——4.99GBP
・Remember Me——3.99GBP
・Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun——13.99GBP


・Fallout 4——8.99GBP
・Fallout 3 – Game Of The Year Edition——5.99GBP
・Fallout: New Vegas——2.49GBP


・TEKKEN 7——19.00GBP
・TEKKEN 7 – Deluxe Edition——33.99GBP


・Urban Empire——4.89GBP
・Project Highrise——3.49GBP
・Project Highrise: Las Vegas——2.29GBP
・Project Highrise: Miami Malls——0.77GBP
・Project Highrise: Tokyo Towers——0.99GBP


・Trials Fusion – Standard Edition——4.29GBP
・Trials Fusion Season Pass——4.59GBP
・Trials Fusion Awesome Max Edition——8.69GBP
・Trials Evolution Gold Edition——4.29GBP
・Trials of the Blood Dragon——3.33GBP


・The Crew——6.66GBP
・The Crew Season Pass——4.44GBP
・The Crew – Calling All Units (DLC)——5.79GBP
・The Crew Ultimate Edition——10.99GBP


・Watch_Dogs 2——13.99GBP
・Watch_Dogs 2 – Season Pass——10.49GBP
・Watch_Dogs 2 – Gold Edition——23.99GBP
・Watch_Dogs – Season Pass——4.99GBP


・Stellaris: Utopia——7.77GBP
・Stellaris: Plantoids DLC——2.99GBP
・Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn——5.89GBP
・Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack——3.49GBP


・The Flame in the Flood——3.79GBP
・Super Meat Boy——2.59GBP
・Mighty No. 9——3.79GBP
・Omerta: City of Gangsters——1.89GBP


・Europa Universalis IV——7.59GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Art of War——7.39GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense——5.39GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise——4.99GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Cossacks——7.39GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Res Publica——1.89GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Rights of Man——7.29GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome——3.69GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Wealth of Nations——3.69GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization——9.49GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado——5.39GBP
・Europa Universalis IV: Mare Nostrum——5.39GBP


・Ryse: Son of Rome——3.69GBP
・How to Survive 2——2.69GBP
・I Am Alive——2.89GBP
・Of Orcs and Men——2.49GBP